When Miss H came in for her boudoir session she mentioned wanting just one image to turn out. “Just One?” I asked quite surprised because I know we’d get way more than that. Miss H said she had never really felt all that sexy and I thought hmmm… We’ll have to see about that. This isn’t uncommon with my clients. They see the women, men, and couples on my site and think they must be models or have experience doing something like this. No, they are just coached for emotion and posed really well. It’s that which makes them look sexy and ultimately feel sexy.

Needless to say Miss H despite being nervous, created one of the most memorable shoots I’ve done with anyone in quite a while. From the moment we started, her eyes exuded sexiness and that playful grin was gorgeous. When we met up to review her images she couldn’t believe it was her. Reveals are my favourite part of my job. When you see someone smiling like that and knowing that they will walk around with a little extra swagger, that makes me feel so damn good! What’s more is that a woman like Miss H now sees herself as a sexy woman with curves. Hey, if she can do why can’t you?

Hair & Makeup: Modern Makeup

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