Got Curves? Let Us Show you How To Work Them

Let me tell you a little secret: There’s no difference between curvy boudoir and standard boudoir. That might sound crazy, especially since I’ve created a page specifically aout curvy boudoir, but it’s the truth.

At Provocateur Images, we see the same thing you do – social media promoting narrow-minded beauty standards, magazines lacking diversity, and experiences that leave out what makes every woman uniquely gorgeous. A boudoir session is an unapologetic experience that will leave you with a sense of confidence and ferocity you’ve never felt before.

Almost every day, we hear women share their insecurities and unsure feelings aboud a boudoir session. They feel like they have to apologize for their figure, but nobody should have to apologize for their body. Our mission has been (and always will be) to show women like you that beauty is undefinable. It’s been too long since you appreciated your beauty what what it is, let us help you get started.

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This could be one of those instances in life when you just have to say, "I'm going to go for it!"

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All Sessions Include

Pose Coaching
Even if you’ve never done anything like this before, our unique and intuitive posing system will be having you say, that we so easy!
Luxury Studio
Our professionally set decorated luxury studio is the perfect place to shoot a boudoir session with it’s rich colours and vintage props
Hair & Makeup
A full glamification makeup experience is included in all our sessions by one of talented glam squad specializing in looks from clean to bold
Although we do retouch all of the images we will show you, our goal is to never take retouching too far to the point where you would not recognize yourself
Vision Session
1 week before your session we will have a vision session by video call where we will discuss wardrobe, makeup looks, shoot ideas and much more. It’s all to get you prepped so when you arrrive for your shoot, you’re ready to rock!
Private Viewing Session
After your session we will review your retouched images either 1 hour after your session or a few days after on a Zoom call

Curvy Boudoir FAQ

Will you share my images online?

Absolutely not. Privacy is something we take VERY seriously and no images are shared without consent.

Do I need to provide wardrobe for the session?

Yes you do. fit is so important as lingerie that fits one body type does not fit another as well. Now we do have lots of accessories such as robes, dress shirts, jewellery and much more which you can use

Do I have to get undressed or naked in the session?

That is entirely up to you. We will discuss ahead of time what your limits are and adhere to them. Some shoots you may be just in your underwear, some sessions  you may wear less.

Will you retouch my images?

Absolutely yes! My editing process is very thorough and includes skin retouching to remove any unwanted blemishes, scars, bruises, cellulite or stretch marks if you want. Please keep in mind that my mission as a boudoir photographer is not to transform you unrecognizably. Instead, it’s to showcase your inner and outer beauty in a way that feels and looks naturally like you.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes we do. There’s more information here: