I’m not a model, and I’ve never done this before. Won’t I look awkward in the photos?

Virtually all the women you see on my site have not done anything like this before either. That’s where my 10+ years posing/expression experience comes in. The deal I make with all my clients is that if you can follow my lead for an hour or so, I promise I’ll make you look gorgeous-r

Are you going to share my photos online?

That is totally up to you. I only share boudoir images if permission is given to me to do so. This is discussed beforehand, and even after you’ve seen your images too. Many times after women see their images they are willing to share them so as to empower other women to do something like this. But I want to be clear the decision is yours and you can choose between sharing none at all, a select few, without face, anything goes. Respecting your privacy and your wishes is extremely important to me, so I like to be very clear about this with my boudoir clients.

What should I wear?

This is probably one of the most common questions asked and there is no one answer that applies to everyone. The great part
about the boudoir experience we offer is that we’re here to support you and help you choose the right wardrobe. Once you book, you’ll receive our boudoir prep guide which will go over all your styling options. From bold to reserved, playful to super-sultry. Then about a week before your session we are going to have a wardrobe consult call to review your outfits and make sure you have everything ready to have an amazing shoot.

Here are a few good styling tips though:

  • Thin strappy outfits look good in the bedroom but don’t always work well for shoots
  • Try to work in one outfit that is not black. A splash of colour never hurt anyone
  • If you’re concerned about your mid section, high waisted panties and bodysuits are great ideas
  • Fit is EVERYTHING and getting the correct size is really important, but if you’re in between sizes, generally it’s best to go a little bigger than too small.

How much does a boudoir session cost?

Pricing is broken down into two parts. The session retainer of $350 covers everything except the finished product collections which are sold separately. Collections range in price but they are based on the number of images so the more images you choose, the more the collection will be. All of our collections include printed products whether it be an album, glam box or wall art. Many of our clients invest somewhere between $1800 to $2500 on their collections. Some spend more but many also spend less too. We need to be clear that there is no minimum purchase and how much you spend is entirely up to you. We also offer no-interest payment plans too so you can get the perfect collection.

Where do your boudoir sessions take place?

All of our shoots take place in our Toronto studio at 9 Davies Avenue near Queen Street East and DVP

How long does it take to get my images after the session?

Generally speaking you should have all your images and printed materials 4 weeks after your session. The process is as follows: 1 week after your session we will have a Zoom call to review your images and select your collection/add-ons. If paid in full, your images will be sent in for production and the digital images will be delivered to you the next business day. Most jobs take about 12-15 business days to complete giving us a total of 4 weeks to deliver your finished products from the shoot date. If you need your images faster than 4 weeks there is a $200 rush fee.

How far in advance do I need to book?

If you have a firm deadline such as an anniversary, wedding or another special date, It’s best to book 6-8 weeks in advance of that date so we can ensure that finished products are delivered on time and it gives you the ability to use a payment plan if you would like to.
Generally speaking we don’t have openings for last minute bookings but occasionally we have to reschedule a client which may open up a date. However we are generally fully booked 2-4 months in advance.

Can I bring a Friend?

Absolutely! Having a boudoir bestie is going to make your session so much fun! Having a good friend there to hype you up is always going to be a great thing. Make sure you let them know that they will have to play DJ, cheerleader and possibly photo assistant during the shoot.
The only thing I’d recommend against is bringing your partner, unless it’s a couples shoot of course. Having your partner there can be quite distracting to you as you will usually be focused on getting their approval rather than focusing on what you need to do in front of the camera.

Do you photograph women who are full figured?

OF COURSE! If you have curves let’s show them off. In our studio there is no measurement that dictates who is beautiful. All figures are beautiful and we’re going to show you that yours is too. At the end of the experience our hope is that you realize that looking good is not a competition and that the only person you need to impress with your looks is yourself.

Do you offer payment plans?

We sure do! Payment plans can be as short as 2 weeks or as long as 8 months. Please note that no finished products or digital images are released until full payment is received.

Can I reschedule my session if I need to?

Yes you can so long as you provide 72 hours or more notice. We know things come up and sometimes you need to move your session. You can reschedule twice but if you need to reschedule your session a 3rd time, a $75 fee will be applied

Can you photoshop my…

All images are retouched before you see them and our retouching philosophy is to never go too far and make it so the images don’t truthfully represent you. Of course anything temporary like a bruise or pimple or tan line will be removed. We will never remove anything from your body unless you ask. We can provide edits to take anything you don’t want to see in a photo.
Many women sometimes want things like scars, stretch marks or cellulite removed and if you ask, it can be done.

I might want to do some nudes but I’m nervous. How do you handle nudes?

Posing for nudes is a very vulnerable thing to do, but these are also the photos clients end up cherishing the most. This is something I discuss with you beforehand, and there is absolutely no pressure to do this – it’s only if you want to! I will never ask you to remove an article of clothing during your shoot unless we have discussed it already. When I shoot nudes, I aim to portray your figure in a sculptural way.

How long does a shoot last?

From the time you arrive at my studio to the time you leave, you should expect to be on site for about 4 hours. That includes time for hair & makeup, the shoot itself, and time to review the finished product options.

Do you offer digital images?

Yes, all of our collections come with the corresponding digital images that would end up in your album or glam box. Our base collection is just digital images only if that’s all you need.

I’m freaking out! How can I calm my nerves?

We totally understand that a boudoir session can be an intimidating experience and it takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable like that. Believe it or not, that nervous anxiousness is what makes the boudoir experience what it is. Believe me when I say that nervousness will quickly transition to fun and elation from when you first sit down in the makeup chair and get absolutely pampered by my beauty team sipping on some sparkling wine. The shoot will be easier than you think as I’ll guide you through all the poses and expressions. At the end of sessions I always love to ask clients how they feel now that they’ve done it and everyone always says with a big smile on their face, “I’m so glad I did this, you made it so easy” So look at it this way, being nervous/anxious are a good thing because it makes the reward even sweeter.

I’m not sure I feel comfortable spending money on myself

Investing in a personal experience like this is not something you do every day. But it is an experience that you will cherish for your lifetime. On your journey of self love and acceptance, this is the time to explore and enjoy the person you are and see yourself in a more positive way. We get it, many women have trouble spending money on themselves as they usually put others first. But you know what? Sometimes you need to invest in yourself so you can help others. Remember we also offer payment plans to make the boudoir experience affordable for everyone.

Have more questions?

Well then it sounds like we should talk by phone and get those questions answered. So book a consultation below.

I look forward to getting to know you!


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