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Reignite Your PassionCouples Boudoir


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You know that person in your life that you’d do anything for? The one you’re fucking madly in love with? The one who makes you feel complete and you couldn’t imagine a future without? Yeah, THAT person. Think about that instant connection you feel when you’re in the same room together, and the intimacy that has been going strong for 2, 5, or 20 years. Keep thinking about those feelings, now imagine them amplified! A couples boudoir experience is you and your partner’s oasis, a chance to unplug and escape with the love of your life while focusing on the things that ignite your relationship and showcase your passion.

With a focus on intimacy and communication, your couple’s session is a raw exploration of what makes your relationship unique. Just imagine acting out fantasies and capturing the most sensual moments between you and your partner, entering a new territory that you and your partner have never experienced before. You and your partner will experience each other in a way you never have before that is a complete rush of adrenaline and risqué adventure.

Sure, I get all the sultry shots, but I also encourage you to have fun, and celebrate the inevitably goofy moments that really highlight your unbreakable bond. Because that’s what a couple’s boudoir session is truly all about: the inside jokes, the secret smiles, the little moments that make up your entire love story.

Most importantly, we want to emphasize that ALL types of couples are welcome: Hetero, gay, lesbian, queer, poly… EVERYONE is welcome in our studio.

Whether you’re using a couple’s boudoir session as a chance to celebrate an anniversary or milestone, or just to spice things up and let loose, I guarantee this is one adventure you and your partner won’t ever forget.

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Your Couples Session Includes

Professional Posing Guidance

Even if you’ve never done anything like a boudoir session before, our unique, intuitive, and personalized posing system will leave you feeling like a natural-born model.

Luxury Studio Access

Our professionally decorated set located in a luxury studio is the perfect place to feel like a badass and the rich colors and vintage props are sure to help set the mood for your personalized session.

Hair & Makeup / Hot Towel Shave

Are you ready for a full glamification before stepping in front of the camera? Her entire hair and makeup makeover is included in your session experience, and there is a guys barber experience for him, too with a shave and hot towel


Every photo that passes from our studio to your hands will go through slight retouching to refine the images and highlight the beauty of each portrait. But don’t worry, we never overdo it. 

Complimentary Vision Session

One week before your boudoir session, we will have a vision session where we plan out your wardrobe, and makeup looks, collaborate on ideas, and so much more! This is all to help prep you for your big day and ensure you’re as comfortable as possible when you step in front of the camera.

Private Viewing Session

One hour after your session (or a few days after over zoom), it’s finally time for the big reveal. This moment is essentially the equivalent of red, grandiose curtains opening up to the greatest collection of personalized portraits you’ve ever seen.


If you’ve been considering doing a boudoir shoot, Provocateur Images should be your first choice. Working with Trevor was an amazing experience. We will take the time to help you plan and prepare your vision to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for. From start to finish, it’s about you! I am thrilled with the results and enjoyed the experience tremendously. I would highly recommend Provocateur Images to anyone.

– Ms. C.

Trevor is an amazing, talented photographer. The images he produces are art. He will make you look like a Renaissance painting! Completely worth the experience. His studio is also a labor of love and an inspiring place to do a shoot. This is something you must do! Everyone should have gorgeous photos of themselves.

– Ms. G.

A woman’s body can be a sensitive and delicate subject. I was extremely excited about this shoot [but], also nervous. Trevor made me feel incredibly comfortable and, above all, CONFIDENT. From the consultation to ordering my photos, he exceeded all my expectations. What an experience!! And the images he captured were out of this world. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks again, Trevor.

– Ms. V.

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Couples Boudoir FAQ

Will you share my images online?

Absolutely not. Privacy is something we take VERY seriously and no images are shared without consent.

Do we have to have sex in our couples session?

This is probably the most common question we are asked. No you do not. In fact, in many of our sessions, penetration and actual sex acts are not actually done. In a classic couples boudoir session it is all implied, but it will look real. Only in an Erotic/Kink session would something like that be permitted.

Do we have to get undressed in the session?

That is entirely up to you. We will discuss ahead of time what your limits are and adhere to them. Some couples shoots go down to their underwear, some a little less.

Will you retouch my images?

Absolutely yes! My editing process is very thorough and includes skin retouching to remove any unwanted blemishes, scars, bruises, cellulite or stretch marks if you want. Please keep in mind that my mission as a boudoir photographer is not to transform you unrecognizably. Instead, it’s to showcase your inner and outer beauty in a way that feels and looks naturally like you.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes we do. There’s more information here: