I don’t know where to start – I’m so happy to have stumbled upon Provocateur Images online (I think on Instagram!). I booked with Provocateur Images because I had worked so hard on putting my health and my body first. Being a single mom, I really felt proud of my accomplishments, and wanted to make some really amazing art that would inspire me down the road. I searched online – discovering website after website, but I could never stop thinking of the beautiful collection I had seen on Trevor’s page. I kept returning to Provocateur Images in Toronto; something told me that I needed to hire Trevor to help me make a memory of everything I’ve worked so hard at in the past few years – rebuilding myself and my self-esteem. My boudoir session was amazing. I felt like a complete rockstar. From the make-up by the beautiful and talented Semaroi Visage, to the professional and luxurious studio, to the extremely talented photographer – Trevor Sherwin.

All of the details were perfect. I felt so comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process. It’s quite an empowering thing – to make yourself vulnerable in front of someone new (and in front of his camera)! I had the time of my life. All the walls came down and I just felt like I had been doing photoshoots my whole life. Trevor made me feel like a proper supermodel. He guides you and explains his vision for a shot, and really makes you feel comfortable about the positioning and facial expressions needed to pull off the look. When he sent me the sneak peek – I didn’t even realize I was the hottie at the top of the email. That badass chick (looking like a snack) was me!! I am so excited to see more! I think every woman needs to consider doing a boudoir shoot. After all, we are all beautiful and we need to remember this. I cannot wait to get my photos and to be able to display them proudly – so that I can remember that I will always be this strong, beautiful woman.

Thank you, Trevor. I am very grateful to have stumbled upon your site.

All Images used with permission

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Being A Boudoir Rebel

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