Indian Bridal Boudoir Photoshoot

Every now and again I have to challenge myself as a Toronto Boudoir Photographer. I need to find a way of looking for something I normally do and then do it differently. I had long been thinking of doing a different spin on bridal boudoir because that is a prevalent reason that women come in for a boudoir session at my Toronto boudoir studio. I also want to highlight that my studio is welcoming to everyone and finding ways to weave their culture into a boudoir session because I think it’s essential that everyone feels comfortable being themselves at my Toronto Boudoir Studio.

In North America, we think of weddings and we think of white color palettes, veils, wedding dresses, etc. But I wanted to feature a bridal look from somewhere else. I settled in South Asian/Indian because I’ve been all over India twice and having witnessed at a distance some Indian weddings I just loved how vibrant the colors are and after mulling it over for a bit I thought, “I can do an Indian themed bridal boudoir look” Most of the time I’ve seen that the primary colors used for Indian weddings are red/gold and what do I have in my studio? The most epic red wall with gold frames. I also have a red silk bed set that would all come together to make an incredible shooting set.

Now all I had to do was figure out styling. Luckily for me, one of my makeup artists Nikki just happens to do a ton of work doing makeup and hair for Indian weddings and she came through HUGE sourcing some saris, and jewelry, and creating the perfect makeup look for this shoot. All I had to do is find some lingerie. I have to say I find the blend of modern lingerie with the traditional textures to be really beautiful so that’s what we went with.

When it all came together, it was the perfect shoot and I couldn’t be happier with the results I hope this inspires you to work something of yourself into your boudoir experience at my Toronto studio.

Hair & Makeup: Nikki
Model: Shaheen
Studio: Vintage Light Studios

All Images used with permission


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