When Miss Y came into our Toronto boudoir studio she started off a little nervous but I could tell she was going to do just fine. Miss Y brought a fantastic positive attitude that I have to say made my job incredibly easy. I also love that I get the change to video conference with clients before they come in so there is some pre-styling going on and they bring the right lingerie. Suffice to say, that Miss Y brought some great lingerie for her shoot and it shows in the images. This is one hell of an amazing picture series and I’m so proud of her.


I cannot believe how comfortable and confident Trevor and his team made me feel. Trust me when I say that the work of Provocateur Images is nothing short of magic! On most days I feel too grubby to go grocery shopping and too shy to eat lunch in the staff room at work, but somehow I was immediately put at ease and happy with the results! Customer service is friendly, professional, and most of all encouraging! I was in good hands from hair and makeup to wardrobe advice to coaching. Trevor was extremely accommodating with incorporating a cosplay theme into the session and gave phenomenal advice during the consultation.

Being able to incorporate cosplay into the shoot somehow made me even more excited about the experience than I was already! I usually only feel powerful when I’m in full cosplay and under the skin of a fictional character, but this session made me feel powerful as me. The experience was a blast and the pictures I’ve seen so far have been stunning. I thought I’d be shaking in my boots the day before, the day of, and the day after, but instead my partner commented on how I seemed a lot happier after coming home. I had an amazing time during my shoot and I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures at the reveal!

I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a confidence boost or an opportunity to celebrate themselves. Trevor and his team have truly mastered the boudoir experience in its entirety. I will definitely be going back to Provocateur Images once I have another cosplay worthy of Trevor’s expect photography. Then again, I’m fairly convinced that this team can make anything look good! – Miss Y


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