Have you ever gotten ready to go somewhere, like a job interview, and got totally nervous and start second guessing what the heck you were thinking? You start asking yourself questions like, “Am I good enough?” and “Can I actually do this?” and the “What ifs”… ALL OF THOSE… Your stomach is in knots and you’re full of self doubt and you just can’t seem to find the confidence you had when you signed up for this…
Then you walk in the door, and bump elbows as a hello, and all of those questions just melt away… and all those feelings just burn off and you just… ARE.
The studio, the hair and makeup artist (in my case Jen), and Trevor…
Everything feels surreal… magical. Transformative.
Why the heck were you so worried? You are a goddess… a QUEEN. Sipping champagne while getting dolled up for YOUR photo shoot.
You slip into your sexiest, and you strut. Wardrobe malfunctions aside, (I had a couple) you are owning it.
Do it. You won’t regret it. The “What ifs”… they change…
What if you feel amazing after? What if you deserve this? What if you pay homage to the body that has carried you through life thus far?
Now for the review;
Trevor and his team are amazing. The shoot was so much fun, and like I said above, made me feel like a queen. The encouragement and the laughs and the studio and the lights and the makeup and the hair… it’s all surreal. It really is magic. It brings out YOU and it’s so… boosting.
I am not going to lie, I look at my photos almost daily. I feel a different kind of love for myself, and am still a bit floored that jeans and t-shirt, no makeup me can work like THAT. My shoot and my book were a 40th birthday present to myself, and it truly turned into a celebration of all things me.
I might have to do it again. And again. And again. Maybe for my 41st? 

All Images used with permission

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