Loving the skin I’m in


When Nancy came in she had already told me her story of perseverance, weight loss and trying to be strong for her granddaughter. Yea, that’s right that’s a grandma in those pictures! Can you believe it? I figure I’ll let her testimonial do the talking for this post.
“Trevor at Provocateur Images is wonderful! My visit to his studio was absolutely hands down the most body positive experience I’ve ever been fortunate enough to have. After losing a major amount of weight I had become very self conscious about the skin I am in. Trevor was fabulous. He was professional and personable and made me relax and feel comfortable to the point I forgot I’d been nervous at all! Trevor understood my concerns, and told me to trust him and just listen and follow his direction. He let me see myself from a completly different perspective. The incredible photos he took actually made me tear up because it showed me a side of myself I had never seen, but can now appreciate. I think every woman out there should have this experience. We all deserve to feel beautiful! Trevor left me with a renewed outlook and more self confidence than I’ve had in a very long time! I left the studio with my chin up and shoulders back ready to take on the world! I am excitedly awaiting my glambox and can’t wait til it arrives! Thank you Trevor, for a fun, fierce and fabulous time.”
All images used with permission

All Images used with permission


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It’s Never Too Late To Feel Incredible

It’s Never Too Late To Feel Incredible

As a woman in her 50’s people had told Maryann that you shouldn’t do something like this. That your sexuality should be kept locked away. But to her credit, she not only did the boudoir shoot, she also gave a big ol’ middle finger to all the haters and did what SHE WANTED TO

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Sensual Black & Whites

Sensual Black & Whites

Here’s a series from when Castalia Reed came by for a photoshoot at my Toronto boudoir studio. We wanted to create something very suggestively sensual and border on the erotic but never go too far in the series.

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