Are mommies sexy? You bet they are! Do many mommies think they are? Sadly no. Provocateur Images is on a mission to show mommies that they are gorgeous. We’ve got a saying around here that sexy is a mindset NOT a measurement. We want to show you that YOU ARE beautiful and that you CAN look as good as anyone on the cover of a magazine.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and to celebrate that here’s a Toronto boudoir session we did with Crista who is a mom of 3. Crista is featured in one of our Boudoir Stories which is all about you and it will help you see why a session at our Toronto Boudoir Studio is such a personally rewarding experience. We photograph a lot of women each year and many of them are mothers. Almost every one of these mommies were nervous about whether or not they could look amazing but every single one of them rocked their session. So all you mommies out there that think you can’t do this, think again because we know you can. The most common response we receive at the reveals after boudoir sessions is:

Oh My God… That’s Me?… Really?… Wow! I was so nervous going into this but you really know how to direct and pose. I can’t believe how good I look… 

It’s fair to say that we celebrate Mother’s Day because mom’s always put their kids first. Well, maybe it’s time to take a little time off from the kids and day to day life and put yourself first. What better way than re-connecting with the sexy side of yourself that is quietly saying, “let me out!” I want to feel glamorous, beautiful and look amazing!


Our boudoir guide has so much great information about coming in for a session with us. Plus it has our complete pricing
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