Payment Plans

Pre-Pay Or Post Pay, The Choice Is YoursGet The Full Experience"Investing in yourself is the greatest investment you'll ever make."

Almost all of our clients choose to break down their payments to get the ultimate boudoir experice. We offer two methods of breaking the payment down. The first is to pre-pay by choosing a collection before your session which is by far the most popular option. The second is a post session payment option where you would choose your package after your photo session when we review the images and break down the payments

Why Pre-Pay?

Prepayment options are popular because:

  • Prepayment qualifies you for bonus gifts!

  • Pre-payments can be paid in full or broken down into smaller amounts that can be processed either weekly or monthly.

  • When it comes time for your Image Reveal/Ordering Appointment, you can relax knowing that your images/products are already paid for – no surprise large expense at one time.

  • If you are on a tighter timeline to get your finished products after your shoot, there would be no wait except for the production time but you could still break down the payments.

  • There’s no risk. If you overpay, you will be refunded at your ordering appointment.

How Do Pre-Payment Plans Work?

It’s Our Most Popular Option

  • Select the package you’d like to start with.

  • We’ll set you up with automatic  monthly or bi-weekly payments based upon agreed-upon dates. A Credit Card Authorization Form and Prepayment Agreement will be required to begin your Boudie Bank.

  • Package must be paid in full 14 days before your session date in order to qualify for the Boudie Bank Bonus Gifts.

  • Relax knowing that your products are paid for by the time you arrive to be pampered at your session!

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Pre-Payment Plan Terms

  • Pre-payment plans must be paid in full at least 14 days prior to your session date in order to earn the bonus gifts

  • A credit card must be kept on file with Provocateur Images for automatic billing.

  • A Prepayment Plan Agreement and Credit Authorization Form must be completed prior to beginning the plans.

  • You can upgrade your package at the ordering appointment, but you won’t receive extra bonus gifts at that time.

  • You may choose to downgrade your package at the Image Reveal and Ordering appointment and receive a refund, at which point you will be charged for any bonus gifts already redeemed.

What About Post-Payment Plans?

Order After Your Shoot And Then Pay In Instalments

  • You choose the package you want at the ordering session and then we break down the payments over a period of time maxing at 6 months.

  • Payments are made monthly or done bi-weekly.

  • No finished products or digital images can be released until payments are complete.

  • There is a $100 fee for post payment plans longer than 2 months.

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Bonus GiftsIt's All About The Pre-Payment Perks!

When you pre-purchase a package in full or set up a pre-payment plan prior to your session, you will unlock your choice of bonus gifts which will be included in your boudoir experience at no additional cost!

Based on your collection purchase, you can unlock up to 2 of the following: ​

  • Extra Outfit Change ($175 value)

  • 5×7 ICE Block ($350 value)

  • 5×7 Desktop Print Holder ($450 Value)

  • Upgraded cover for Album & Housing box ($300 Value)

  • Ice Cover for Album ($350 Value)

  • A complimentary session for your next boudoir session within 12 months ($595 value)