Ummm… Heck Yea! I did a model call recently because I wanted to shoot a very different location other my studio. Don’t get me wrong I love my studio but I wanted the challenge of shooting a very sexy boudoir series offsite. Luckily I have a friend named Peter that owns Sellers and Newell rare bookstore and was gracious enough to let me shoot there. BTW, not only should you check out Sellers & Newell if you’re into books but also they have live music events every now and agin that are amazing so make sure to check them out!
Now what happens when you combine antique bookstore with boudoir…The simple answer would be that you get awesome!  Now the logical idea for a boudoir shoot like this would be to go with a sexy librarian theme right? Sure why not but maybe with a styling twist… So I styled this shoot in one of my favourite ways with wardrobe you wouldn’t immediately think of as being sexy. Sweaters, knee socks, cute underwear, t-shirts and things like that is what gave this a unique look. Katie also had to play on the sexy/nerdy girl at the bookstore theme too. I’d say she nailed that without any problem at all.
I also need to give a quick shoutout Jen Turner of Modern Makeup who is one of my primary hair and makeup artists and who knocked this look out of the park! I love how I can put any client in front of her and she’ll nail a look that is perfect for the session.
I think it’s important to note Katie isn’t a size 2 model. She’s a woman with beautiful curves and she really rocked those curves. All anyone has to do to rock a boudoir session is show your confident side and know I’m going to make you look incredible. Any size is the perfect size for boudoir!
Model: Katie W
Hair & Makeup: Jen Turner – Modern Makeup
Location: Sellers & Newell

All Images used with permission


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Being A Boudoir Rebel

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