Sometimes it’s hard for people that I meet to understand why exactly I shoot boudoir and love it so much. I’ve always loved that I get to change how someone sees them self. It’s about body positivity, self acceptance and art. It’s about getting glammed up and laughing your ass off. It’s about transformation and the time it takes between the time you walk through my studio doors and then walk out. It’s about feeling beautiful and I can’t express how important it is to me to help everyone experience feeling that way.
I started shooting boudoir exclusively in 2011 so at the time of writing this article that’s 8 years! It started with a portrait client that asked me to shoot a boudoir series for her. When she saw the images, she started crying happy tears because she said this is the first time she’s ever seen herself as beautiful. It was at that moment I thought to myself, how do I make everyone feel this way? I realized that as a boudoir photographer I get to have a lasting positive impact on everyone that walks though my door.
Women, men and couples feel that they have to look a certain way to be beautiful and that we’re all perfectly imperfect so stretch marks and measurements don’t matter in my Toronto boudoir studio and I show people that they CAN look incredible.
So now my job as I like to describe it, is that I am here to level the playing field between my clients and the celebrities in magazines. If you get great hair, makeup, lighting, pose coaching, retouching etc… You can look as good or better than anyone on the cover of a magazine!


The transformation that takes place at my studio is one of the best experiences for my clients. When someone arrives at my studio, generally she’s incredibly nervous. Shaky hands and voices, sweaty hands are things I see all the time. once they sit in the chair and get their hair and makeup done while sipping on a glass of champagne the client slowly starts to feel more at ease and sheds those feelings of nervousness and anxiety.
Then the shoot begins. The first series will get you warmed up and believing that you can rock this. I usually show you a picture or two on the back of my camera screen which is followed by, “OH MY GOD, that’s me?” and “NO WAY!” accompanied by a huge smile. You can see at this point a change. A point where you go from doubt to feeling like you can slay! The laughter comes out. The Inner sexy does too!
By the time we finish the session and go into the reveal, we’re friends. We’ve just shared an experience that you’re going to remember forever and laughed a whole lot.
What comes next is by far my favourite part of any interaction with my clients. The reveal. After the shoot, we take a 1 hour break and I get the images ready to show you. Then when you sit down in the chair and see yourself on screen the look is pretty much the same for everyone. It’s look of absolute confusion and wonder because you’re trying to figure out who that gorgeous woman is on screen. You know it you but you can’t quite believe it. When the reveal is over, the most incredible thing is when I get see people walk out my door taller, with a swagger and smile that is immeasurably awesome.


What I’ve realized after making this my career for the last 8 years is that I truly love my job. There’s nothing better than being able to help someone re-ignite their sexy spark and to appreciate who they are, RIGHT NOW! I see how all my clients carry themselves differently and walk with a little swagger and pop in their step. I couldn’t ask for a better job!


All Images used with permission


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