A boudoir photo shoot for almost every woman is something they would say is way out of their comfort zone. So why do it then? Well, its usually because the boudoir experience represents a challenge. It’s a way of letting go. A way to reconnect with yourself and love yourself.

But it’s so much easier to say, “I can’t do that”, rather than, “I can do that”. However, think of all those times you stepped up and crushed your fears. Think of how great you felt when you accomplished something challenging. It probably felt amazing right? Over the past 6 years of exclusively shooting boudoir at my Toronto studio, I have seen that look of accomplishment hundreds of times, and I’ll be honest, I never get tired of seeing it. The best part about my job is seeing the look on someone’s face when I show them a photo and they know then that they can do this. It’s at that point, they believe that they can rock a boudoir session. That they are in fact a sexy, confident woman.

I’m going to tell all you ladies out there that you CAN DO THIS and that “can’t” shouldn’t even be a word you consider when it comes to a boudoir session because ANYONE can do this. Including YOU! Being nervous about the session is totally normal but I make everyone a promise before we start and that is; all you have to do is take my direction, and I promise, I’ll make you look fantastic!


Get access to my amazing boudoir info guide. I’ve worked really hard to make it a resource for planning your session but also answering all of the most common questions people have.
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