You’ve probably been wondering what types of boudoir sessions there are out there, and if one is a particularly good fit for you at my Toronto Boudoir studio. Often, boudoir sessions are perceived as a gift for your partner only, whether it’s a wedding or engagement gift, a Valentine’s Day boudoir album gift, or just to add a little spice to your relationship. (We’ll get into this more here in just a minute.)

However, there are actually 4 types of boudoir photography sessions, believe it or not. Today we are diving into all four so you can find which one is the best fit for you. And don’t be fooled, you may actually resonate with a few of these boudoir sessions – no need to limit yourself to just one.

A Gift For Someone Special:
Boudoir photos are a unique gift to give to your partner to spice things up, show your appreciation, and to celebrate a special time period together, like an anniversary (1st anniversary gift, 5th, 10th, or 25th anniversary), or in your early stages of your engagement, before a deployment, or to document your romantic union.

Regardless of the reason – it’s going to be something you both will appreciate and remember for a long time. 

Document A Milestone Or Accomplishment:
Scheduling a boudoir session to recognize and document something special in your life is a heck of a reason to book. We often overlook or forget to celebrate the little wins (and sometimes even the big ones) along the way.

You’ve accomplished something that probably feels like it’s been on your list for an eternity. You got the dream job or that promotion, or decided to focus on your health and reached your new fitness, or weight loss goals. Whatever the milestone or accomplishment, it’s worth documenting – these moments pass quickly but setting aside time just for you to document it is something you won’t regret years from now. Step into that boss energy and embrace this new stage of life! 

Celebrate YOU:
Exactly as you are, right now, celebrating you is a reason in itself. Yes, trust me. It’s easy to find reasons to put off scheduling your intimate photo session – but let me tell you…Once it’s all said and done you’re going to wish you did it sooner. You often feel you have to meet some invisible or unattainable goal before you can schedule a boudoir session but that’s a lie. You can schedule one just because. Today, right now. Just for you.

And I actually recommend it. Some of the more “simple” moments and stages in life are the ones we will actually appreciate being able to look back at the most later. These are the ones that are really capturing where you are in this stage of life, your confidence, your energy, and what you look like.

Capture Your Love Story + Chemistry:
Yes, these are “those” couple sessions! They aren’t taboo either! They are connective, expressive, playful, and toasty too! And let me tell you, these are a hot item on our service menu. Because while one person can make a session steamy, imagine two and all that chemistry you both bring to the table.

Boudoir Couples Sessions, or Intimate Couples Sessions are a unique way to capture your bond, chemistry, and connection with your partner. From the way they tuck your hair behind your ear to how they slide their hand in your back pocket before they lean in to kiss your neck. Those moments – time stamped and saved for you both to appreciate and enjoy.

Couples sessions are intimate and sensual, and there are very few opportunities to have moments as passionate as these with your partner. You may even opt to purchase prints to create your sexual sanctuary in your home, or if you’re a fan of How to Build A Sex Room – maybe it’s to add that final touch to your sexy play space.


Now that you’ve learned about the four types of boudoir sessions, I’m positive one or more struck a chord with you. Now the next step is to start planning for your boudoir photo session.

If you’re not on Pinterest yet, you should be! One of the best places to start your session inspo is on a private board on Pinterest. Don’t worry, no one else can see it but you, and you can add your photographer as a collaborator and share your board with them when you’re ready to book. Oh, and by the way, while you’re there – give us a follow!

Interested in booking with us? As a Toronto Boudoir Photographer, we’d love to make it happen. Click here to schedule your free consultation and let’s start planning! 



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