ONE OF THE FIRST THINGS I SAID WAS “I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING”   There are not enough words that I would be able to use to describe my experience; however, stunning, comfortable, and relaxing are just a few key ones. From the moment I first inquired about coming in, I got an […]


“ONE OF THE BIGGEST SMILES I’VE SEEN ON HIS FACE”   I just wanted to let you know that I gave the book to my husband last night. And honestly, the look on his face, that was probably one of the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. He couldn’t stop saying “wow…” he really loved it. […]

My Wife Is So Hot

I came out a whole new person, confident, excited and feeling sexy. The real purpose of this photo session was to give an extremely unexpected gift to my husband on our wedding day…. however it turned out to be a huge confidence builder for me and an amazing gift for him, 2 in 1!

Simply Empowering

Miss P is one of my favourite types of customers. She was doing a boudoir session for herself. Why? Well without giving away too many details, Miss P wanted to show herself that she is a gorgeous, strong woman but she needed a little help seeing that because she was doubting it before her session. This is why a MeSession with us at our Toronto boudoir studio is so meaningful and so empowering.